Social Media

Communication with customers of any business has been turned on its head in the last 15 years. Not only have websites and the internet blossomed, but the ability to record and upload HD video on almost any device has meant that marketing techniques used in the 70s, 80s and 90s has ended.

Companies and small business are struggling to train staff to use devices such as iPhones to connect with customers on social media, even though they are proficient users in their personal life. Moreover the irony of many CEO’s who now live on a device but have not made the connection that customers are doing the exact same thing.


So where do you turn to get up to date and active in social media? Here at Ag Marketing we have worked in the creative industries since 1990 and we were there when he first websites went live, we joined Facebook when it started and we know how disappointing it is for print media to see the advertising spend of businessmen leaving for a digital reality.

We provide a complete in house service with little to no outsourcing. We help business take raw content from in-house and turn it around to suit the social environment.  You might have even noticed very large companies posting ads in Facebook.  We can explain to you why they won’t work. And we will help you make content that does work.

It's a brave new world and many are embracing this opportunity with great results.