About Us


After leaving high school in 1987 and working with brands such a EMI music, Myer, IGA supermarkets, John Deere, Hino motors to name a few. What i can offer you is a no fluff, politically incorrect marketing review, strategy and service without all the padding you will usually get overcharged for (with other consultants). You will get real advice and a brutal evaluation on your business.

We are not in the game of wasting your time, or ours. We see holes in the marketing of even the biggest brands around the world, there are a lot of people masquerading as Marketing experts.


Firstly keep in mind the Marketing landscape has changed considerably, inevitably we will save you up to 30% on your current activities. Large businesses and companies have failed to change in this fast paced world, and still invest into traditional channels yielding low returns.

Potentially if your annual spend is $100,000 you are probably spending $30,000 in the wrong areas.

We can help you with your 'Long Game'.
Providing on contract, a suite of services that most companies should have in house but usually fail to find the right people to fulfil their vision. Our network of partners provide everything from social media expertise to printed materials. The main thing is that we will take the lead in the philosophical side of your business and turn it into a marketing message on all levels.