Social Media Management - you CAN NOT USE 1 APP to do it all, sorry!

Are you looking for someone who can watch your social media?

We have the team who can work with your marketing team or ours, executing initiatives and strategies including; social media execution, monitoring, digital campaigns, and social channel audits.

Every business has different needs. Some can supply social media content and others struggle. We are here to cater for your needs.

We can coordinate and curate all social media posting across customer channels and platforms. We will develop and grow social media presence and engagement

We can assist in content creation or even create it for you.

Ongoing monitoring the social marketing landscape and providing ideas to keep the brand at the forefront of technology

We can drive increased social media engagement through ensuring a consistent brand message and timely responses to inquiries

Create copy to ensure consistency in content across all social, brand and digital channels for customer communications

Coordinate production of content and video shoots

Liaising closely with your of marketing, design, retail & digital working collaboratively to support brand initiatives and create content to achieve growth