Creative Services from Original Music to Video Production.

Marketing today is a constant combination of disciplines that work together in concert to communicate your message and brand. Usually only national or multi-national companies can afford the dedication of a marketing company who can deliver a consistent theme across all platforms. 

Providing a complete package.

Every business has different needs. We will give you an honest appraisal of what we can offer you after a consultation with you and your stakeholders. Working with AG Marketing can really take the pressure off, being creative and doing marketing go hand in hand. As an example, some business owners need a little help with socail media only and others need the complete package, but most want to achieve thier goals without hiring a team of people. And we can testify to how many companies can hire half a dozen people in a marketing team, but lack the creativity and natural talent to make it orchestral.


We help you set up and constantly publish on your networks, social media, partner websites. Effective communication is the key, KISS and publish. We will take hold of your ideas and introduce options for you to consider. If you need broader publishing services we can provide solutions.


Another service is the ‘In and Out’ marketing review. Where we visit with you and your staff to fully understand your team and your business in order to deliver to you, a unique plan that you can follow in our absence. This service is not advised for a business that already has staff currently positioned in the marketing role. We like to call it the ‘clean slate’ position.

Instead of hiring in-house teams of unskilled marketing people, let us do the heavy lifting for you. We look after a wide range of services that any marketing company should in order to allow you to do what you do best. We bring many things to the table and know how to make it all work together. If you have staff and have tried to get your social media working in-house you will have already realised Aussie's won't do anything unless they are paid extra to do it. We can take that drama off your hards with photography, videography, graphic design, product development, magazines, social media deployment, copy writing, tv ads, print ads and more.